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'Human Potholes' ...Lady Gray

Human Potholes’
By: Lady Gray

I come to all of the members of the Human Race with the nth amount of due respect & love for life…this article is to provoke the human thought process. Feel free to express your thoughts.

In the World today, where the majority is made to feel insignificant & menial by the minority, it seems futile to develop one’s self worth in character. For every positive step we take forward, negativity pushes us two steps back. The majority seldom tally all of those baby steps, they focus on the ability of the minority to push us back on our journey in life. Yet the strength of the ‘insignificant’ & ‘meek’ have always found the strength to conquer & overcome when their life is being suffocated by the self-appointed minority. We accept our suppression & oppression so long, then we arise in unity when our very existence is threatened.  When life riddles our journey with too many ‘potholes’ to continue. Yes, life will always support the ‘sharecroppers’ of the World with ‘potholes’.

When there is a ‘pothole’ on your street…does that tell you to just be cautious on your travels? Or does it say much more? That ‘pothole’ has become very vital to life, if not significant to the ‘total picture’ of reason & purpose. The ‘pothole’ may exist for months. The traveler’s instinct kicks in, being ever so careful not to disrupt his journey, he will go around that ‘pothole’, day in & day out. The traveler, focused on his own mission & agenda, will fail to hear or see the message the ‘pothole’ is trying to deliver.

“LOOk’ around you, your neighborhood & community are in need of maintenance & repair.”  There comes a time when the significance of the ‘pothole’ is noticed & felt. It’s message silenced & covered up. For days the majority will continue to go around the ‘pothole’ by instinct alone, until they recognize that it has been repaired. But now when we drive over the ‘pothole’, our journey doesn’t feel the same. A ‘pothole’ that the minority would have you believe is trivial & insignificant, yet it caused hundreds daily to go around it on their travels…

Life has given society ‘human potholes’ as well…all with a reason & purpose, a message that has to be delivered. ‘Human Potholes’ come in all sizes & shapes, some of them are easily recognized, others are cloaked in darkness to test our built in instincts & survival modes. When a ‘potholes’ message falls on deaf ears, it’s trivial beginnings become significant  & can reach enormous proportions. As humans we also host ‘potholes’, if they’re not recognized & dealt with, they will soon consume our being & become our demise. From the trivial to the enormous, ‘potholes’  are part of our existence, whether or not we recognize them & heed their advice is for another thought.

What about the ‘human potholes’ that we find to be a nuisance  & irksome? The importance of their existence that we fail to recognize. The self-appointed Guardians of our block: the ‘elderly man or woman’ who sits on their porch or behind a window & just watch. They know all the comings & goings…give love & tongue lashings to our children…wave, hand you a flower as you pass by, nod, shake their head or just ignore you all together. They’re significance & the role they played in our portrait is not recognized until they’re removed or covered up.

The drug dealer & gang members…they stand outside of their residence & on the street corner every day. We drive by & see them…we look outside & know they’re there. We know their faces, what they’re doing…they’re very existence becomes part of our daily portrait. Then one day you drive by, the corner  is empty, there’s no lights on in their residence. All of a sudden you notice the portrait doesn’t feel the same…something is missing.

The defiant juvenile, who made you shake your head & raise the hair on the back of your neck. The little rebel who didn’t understand the importance of his role in life or what a significant part in the portrait of our daily lives he took. Then one day, he’s gone from us too soon. Taken from life, by larger ’potholes’. His shoes no longer grace his home or run on our sidewalks. His laughter, smile, occasional wave or smart ass answer are now absent. The neighborhood loses strength & our portrait never looks the same again.

The largest ’potholes’ in life’s pyramid are claimed by the minority.  The politicians, globalists, corporate overseers & dictators. You can find them at the top of the ‘Pothole Charts’. They’re images & significance remind us of what happens to a trivial pothole when it is not recognized or heeded. When the cost of its maintenance & repair become to burdensome for the majority to consider. Soon the eyesore ‘pothole’ becomes undesirable for the daily portrait of our lives. Instead of removing or repairing the ‘eyesore’ we find another way to travel. If the majority uses their ‘significant’ strength in numbers & chooses another route for their journey, the enormous ‘pothole’ will crumble unto itself.

‘Human Potholes’ are created by weaknesses within our lives that we fail to recognize or address. Many times we become accustomed to life’s ‘potholes’. But when they claim you, when you no longer have the strength to crawl away from them, then the daily portrait of your existence is no longer of your choosing or design. Denial is the seed which creates ‘potholes’. We must make the ‘seeds’ accountable…be aware of their care & growth.

Each day on our travels, the enormous ‘potholes’ are assaulting our ‘mental chassis’  & daily portraits. Our existence has become threatened & burdensome. We become weakened by the numerous attacks & assaults on our character & portraits. We feel disheartened, helpless, worthless …our character’s greatest ‘FEAR’ is that we will start to take on the traits of the enormous ‘potholes’. We fear ‘touching life’ within our existence…should we be assaulted for our efforts.

The enormous ‘potholes’ are allowed to exist due to the fact, that we’re so busy going around them, trying to keep our chassis in tact that we don’t have time to give it the attention it needs to be repaired. We all feel that ‘no one man’ can get the job done. So the existence of the ‘pothole’ grows….however I remind you of the small ‘pothole’ that was so significant that it caused hundreds if not thousands to feel its presence. Or how it was allowed to become enormous & affect the existence of ‘millions’.

Let us not forget the movie, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ one of my favorites. George Bailey thought that he was the most ‘insignificant’ man in town. By the end of the movie, he was actually the ‘most important’ man in town. There are some rewards in life, that can not be measured by the ‘size of the pothole’ or the cost of maintenance & repair.

I want each & every human to realize, that you do count in life’s total scope & without your existence, my daily portrait wouldn’t look or feel the same….thank you for playing a role in my ‘daily portrait’.

I leave you as I came, with the nth amount of due love & respect for life….
Lady Gray

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  1. Most excellent, Lady Gray. Love the humanity in your thoughts. So profound, yet so understanding in their presentation. Love it!