Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why is change so hard to Embrace?

I can answer this quite plain and simple...it’s called FEAR!!! As a whole we’ve become quite comfortable in the prisons that either we have personally built for ourselves or society has erected for us. They’ve become our ’comfort zones’, our ’island’, our ’chains’, our ’old school mental conditioning’ imposed on us by those within life’s capstone and the globalists.
It is called ’sacrifice of self’, commitment, strength in character and ’growth’ for the ’whole’ of a people and a Nation. It is difficult for the ’clueless’ and the ’misinformed’ to ’dream’ and have a ’vision’ when they look to the past and into the History books with so many ’unwritten legacies’ to gaze upon. More than anything, it’s lack of confidence, heart, will and desire to see ourselves as more than anything in the portraits which have been painted for us by those who prey and capitalize off from our decades of mental conditioning.
We see the ’paper chase’, the ’street games’, judicial incarceration as an obstacle course for us to embrace before we can be ’HUMAN’, advance and grow. If we made it out of the ’obstacle’ course alive, than we’re one lucky SOB and now we can search for the ability, knowledge, and wisdom to ’live and not merely exist’. It’s now our turn to live within the ’negative portraits’ and man made social prisons in peace with the hope that one day we too will find the journey which leads us into the kingdom of living.
FEAR!!! Is it little wonder that we spread fear and destroy our own with the ’Monster Seeds’ that have been planted by the Past, the Govt, Media and Hollywood? We’ve been so busy fighting each other and ourselves that we have not been able to discover the strength within the essence of our characters and the ’third-eye’ mentality of our advancement and wisdom?
The sad thing is....it took us fifty years to destroy and build more prisons for ourselves...but it could all be turned around in less than ten years time. When I was asked to share life, knowledge and wisdom by those within the walls of time, I and they both knew that it would be more than an uphill climb to ’reverse’ the psychology and conditioning of the ’whole’ of the people. They too were once where many are today, except they’re living their lives out within the walls of time. They like myself felt, that those within the ’struggle’ today had the strength and power to move mountains, chains, bars, barriers, boxes, invisible boundaries and hoods like no other generation before us. But it’s all a matter of finding the strength, will and spirit to see the light of day and learning how to dream again in a positive light and fashion.
I thank you for honoring me and others here by inviting myself into your realm.....
I leave as I came with a great deal of love and respect for life, 
Lady Gray

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