Friday, December 24, 2010

I Believe...

There was a time in this country when we all could spend idle time dreaming, planning and designing the destiny of our lives and the legacy we would leave behind. When families gathered around tables for evening meals to discuss the days events, their plans for tomorrow and for what was to come. When dreams were spun and shared by all, each family was a neutron in the nucleus of the community in which they lived.

Our doors were unlocked, our windows had a clear view without bars, keys were left in our cars in the drive, and no matter where you lived in this country, you were someone in the community and you counted. Although we lived in hard times through different eras in life, we over came and conquered immorality and negativity. Our parents had time for us, many mothers stayed home to tend and nourish their offspring while dad bought home the bacon. When families gathered on and for every occasion from good report cards, Birthdays, Holidays, Sundays, to Weddings and Funerals. Children played sports in our streets and parks unattended with little fear. Families could be seen on Sundays walking to church and strolling through our neighborhoods and parks. When communities had numerous parades, picnics, street dances and block parties. Yes, I remember when …..we all counted.

Politicians went door to door, stood outside grocery stores, in city halls, and stood on the tail gates of pick-up trucks at county and country fairs to make their speeches and bring us hope. When they shook all of our hands, kissed babies and asked us what they could do for us. I remember when if they had a mind to sling mud and call the kettle black, they did so by getting their own hands and feet dirty. Yes, I remember when every neutron in the nucleus of a community counted and the politicians couldn’t go to Washington without our strength, power and vote…..

I really don’t know when things started to change, but they did. In almost half a century here on this earth, I have seen the neutrons split and the nucleus of our communities weaken. Families went from being bonded and welded into powerful neutrons, to only gathering for funerals and weddings. Keys were taken out of our cars, doors locked, bars put on windows, children could no longer enjoy their streets and neighborhoods without fear, and everyone started to distance themselves from other neutrons on their streets, buildings and neighborhoods. Both parents soon had to work to make ends meet, to meet the bureaucratic demands, materialistic growth and society’s expectancy of what everyone’s life should be like. The negativity within our social realms began to expand and expound within the mentality of the government, entertainment and media. I remember when everyone had their blinders on to the comings and goings of our politicians, when they had large luxury toys parked outside their homes, their wallets were fat and all was well…..

As I look around me today in the closing of the year 2010, I see not only the deterioration of neighborhoods, communities and our country, but the destruction of the pedestal so many before us sacrificed so much for to erect, Unity, Justice and Freedom For All.

Our country of Industrialization is collapsing around us, wallets are getting thinner, not only both parents must now struggle to survive, but our children are being forced to grow up well before their years to help us make it through today so that we may see tomorrow. Negativity thrives all around us, hundreds of thousands around us becoming impoverished so that we will soon only have two classes within society, the very poor and the chosen few. Whole cities struggling, going bankrupt and becoming dysfunctional. Politicians who no longer shake hands, kiss babies or ask us what they can do for us, but they give speeches out of the sides of their mouths, telling us what they’re going to do for us. From shore to shore, our fences are in need of repair, the weeds in our back yard are growing out of control and those who have become political actors are now going abroad to spread their mentality, no longer finding the theater even in their own backyard desirable.

But like civilizations and cultures through the passage of time, the will and spirit to survive, overcome and flourish becomes a driving force, making each one of us stand strong, our thoughts and voices reverberating our dreams and desires to live…we unite and awaken our knowledge, wisdom and spirit to overcome the evil doers, the power mongers, the suppressers and those whom would oppress us from proceeding on our journeys in life in peace and harmony.

The pen is mightier than the sword…for the sword is only lethal as long as the individual who wields it has strength to do so. The pen can forge nations, dreams, and last a lifetime within the chapters written in history books. I believe in dreams and miracles, which bring hope, spirit and desire to the masses. I want every American to take off their blinders, take a long hard look around them, stop struggling to survive long enough to absorb the knowledge and wisdom around you so that living will no longer be a lost vision in the setting suns. I believe in miracles and strength in numbers…raise your voices in a chorus of harmony, seize your right to share a piece of the American Apple Pie.

I believe in dreams, chivalry and Americanism….please share with us your dreams and visions for the year 20011.….The Year of Knowledge, Growth and Development….MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Incarcerated Fathers & Their Daughters....By: The Empty Drum

Incarcerated Fathers
And Their Daughters
“Fighting Fatherlessness From Prison”

It was four years to the day since I had any contact with my daughter, Nikki. She was born months after I was sent to prison. Throughout the first six years of her life, Nikki and I spent nearly every weekend together in the prison visiting room. Nikki’s mother never loved me, nor I her, but money is important to single mothers and in her mind taking my daughter to spend time with me each weekend ensured that she would continue receiving enough to get by. I cherished those visits. Nikki did too. I was devastated when the Bureau of Prisons, for no apparent reason, decided to transfer me across the country and 2,500 miles from my home in New Jersey.
The visits ceased. The trip to Colorado simply wasn’t practical even when funds were available. It took me some time to deal with my loss, salve another emotional wound, and find a place to put the scar. At the new prison, convicts were dropping like flies and survival began to preoccupy my thoughts.
After several months, I stopped thinking about Nikki altogether. I could not meet the exigencies of penitentiary life while simultaneously dealing with the psycho baggage of losing a daughter, whom I only loosely had to begin with. This loss of my daughter chalked up as another reason to personalize my fight against the manner in which the U.S. deals with its social problems. I marched on.
This past New Year’s Day, however, I had arranged a telephone call with the now 10-year-old Nikki. We discussed school, her mother and sisters, and the man whom she refuses to call ?Daddy? and how he does not in her mind compare to myself. I listened more than I spoke and finally asked Nikki if she was happy with my gifts. Nikki replied that she was and began to reminisce about our last visit together four years ago and the present I had given her that day, which she still has.
Nikki began to cry and, when pressed, in the shaking voice of a repentant sinner, asked me why I no longer wanted her to visit. I nearly vomited and couldn’t answer for there was no truthful basis to her question. Apparently, when questioned about our lack of visitation, Nikki’s mother took an easy out telling Nikki that I did not want to see her. Avoiding the fact that her mother had outright lied to her, lest Nikki be left with no parent to trust, I explained that things were much more complicated, that I am very far from home, and that if we were to have visits where I am now incarcerated they would take place through a telephone and security glass. Nikki replied that she didn’t care. In truth, neither did I.
I did my best to assure Nikki of how special she is to me and how much I love and missed her. Then I lied to her. I told her that I’ve thought of her every day, which it turns out was only a partial lie as I have thought about her every day since. Changing the subject, she told me of a boy from school who had hit her, to which I nearly responded that he must like her but did not for fear that she may begin to misinterpret hurt for like. We said good-bye and promised to write. For a certified therapist, I did not handle the situation well.
Afterward, I replayed our conversation in my head - our lives over and over in my head - and realized that for all of the attention I had given to how having my daughter stripped from my life affected me. I never fully considered its permanent impact on Nikki.
I can admit that as a man I would never on my own have come to understand the various ways in which my absence may be devastating my daughter and her emotional growth and future. Were I to draw from my psychology schooling, still I would have failed to connect the proper dots in appropriate ways. After endless further research, I continue to be astonished over my ignorance. We are abusing our children with our absence, and boys and girls do respond to this abuse differently.
The male and female egos, with exceptions, generally operate fundamentally different. The average male ego, when confronted with loss or rejection, be it actual or perceived, does not naturally resort to self-evaluation. Rather, the rejected male attempts to identify that which is wrong with the rejecting individual instead of himself (an external reason for rejection) and, if that fails, takes the position that the rejecting individual is in any event unworthy of him. Thus, the male ego externalizes rejection through deflection and displacement.
The female ego, however, internalizes rejection. When confronted with rejection, actual or perceived, she often searches for flaws in herself, and will often find them, usually imagined as a basis upon which to rationalize and validate the rejection.# To the child and even adults lacking firm emotional intelligence, the absence of a father, whatever the reason, is often perceived as abandonment and rejection. A majority of the daughters of incarcerated fathers are asking themselves what is so wrong with them that they have been rejected by their fathers. Worse yet is that many have created answers. There are two statements, the truth of which I am comfortably certain:
1) Fatherlessness can and often does permanently damage daughters of absent fathers, and 2) From behind prison walls, incarcerated fathers can take steps to alleviate and possibly reverse at least some of that damage.
For the fatherless child, trying to sort out and deal with the psychological and emotional aspects of being rejected by one’s own father is an impossible task. How a fatherless daughter decides to understand and contextualize that absence, however, may result in life-long psychological traits and characteristics attending a variety of possibilities
Myriad factors relate to how a child deals with fatherlessness, including the presence or absence and permanence or transience of a surrogate father, familial structure and support, what she is told about the father and his absence especially from her mother, the presence or absence of siblings, the age and/or emotional intelligence of the child at the time the father becomes absent, the duration and quality of the relationship between child and father prior to his absence, and post-absence contacts. Surely this list is not exhaustive, but intended to assist in understanding that a variety of complex factors determine how the seed of fatherlessness will result in covert emotional trauma and grow into overt actions. Often, the fatherless daughter continues to contextualize and recontextualize the absence and perceived rejection subconsciously and throughout her lifetime. It appears that dealing with the issues consciously is the only means of warding off and recovering from the damage of fatherlessness.
One of the most basic and easily identifiable results of fatherlessness is the search for a father substitute, be it longing for a father-daughter relationship or specifics such as paternal love, approval, acceptance or protection. It does not appear relevant whether or not the absent father rationally could or would provide these things if he were present. The loss to the daughter is equally as real whether actual or merely perceived.
This search may lead to a variety of destructive behaviors, including eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity and the obsessive desire to have a child of one’s own from an early age. Fatherless daughters have a significantly increased rate of involvement in abusive relationships and of staying involved for fear of losing the seemingly accepting abusive mate/father substitute and reliving Daddy’s abandonments and rejection over again.
Moreover, fatherless daughters are prone to becoming not only victims of but masochists for abusive male dominance and sexual oppression. The pimp-prostitute dynamic is one of classic example. Many will physically abuse their own children, especially daughters. Few develop in the opposite direction, forsaking, hating and abusing men (often a son). Given these relationships with men, most will go on to have children who will also become fatherless, thereby perpetuating the cycle. And father-daughter and mother-son relationships during childhood development directly correlates to cross-gender relationships and social skills in adulthood.
The psychological turmoil of fatherlessness may also manifest itself in a variety of other ways, most notably the obsessive drive to please everyone at one’s own expense (often to complain afterward in martyr fashion), chronic fatigue syndrome, perfectionism, andaddictive personality disorder.
The majority of psychological and emotional responses to fatherlessness in women are of a depression variety. Self-hatred and feelings of worthlessness lead to higher drug abuse and suicide rates in fatherless daughters. With loss and often perceived abandonment and rejection comes shock, anger and bitterness, feelings of betrayal and unfair treatment, insecurity and the quest of the child to determine what is so wrong with her that she has been abandoned by her father or what it was that she (or her mother) has done to make him leave. Daughters with masculine egos tend to fair better in the short-run as they are more likely to aggressively displace or deflect those feelings, blaming others or even and usually more appropriately the absent father. In the long-run, however, the effects are equally destructive to these children.
Obviously, a full treatment of child development in the face of fatherlessness cannot be given here. Fathers are encouraged to do their own research. What I hope to offer incarcerated fathers is enough information to give them the most general sense of the potential havoc and destruction being visited upon their daughters and the motivation to take preventive and reparable action.
Too many incarcerated men have showed their prowess at manipulating and taking advantage of psychologically and emotionally traumatized women. I do not, of course, suggest that imprisoned fathers manipulate their daughters. What I do suggest is that those fathers draw from that experience in a wholesome manner for the task of understanding and to ensure that their daughters do not develop into such a woman.
The first and obvious task for the prepared father is to contact his daughter and to consistently maintain that contact. Worse than making no contact whatsoever is making contact that is not maintained. Stepping into or returning to a daughter’s life only to again abandon her merely exacerbates the potential for damage.
Whether contacting a daughter for the first time or reconnecting after a significant absence, it is appropriate and in some cases necessary to first seek permission from a present parent or guardian. I suggest a simple explanation from the father of how he plans to maintain contact (visits, phone, mail, etc.) and the motivation for his wishing to do so (daughter’s psychological/emotional welfare). Where the daughter is in some form of mental health program, it is extremely appropriate to contact the treating mental health professional for guidance, feedback, and advice.
A daughter who perceives herself as abandoned or rejected or who has suffered severe emotional trauma over her father’s absence may be skeptical and reject her father’s attempts at contact. In such cases, I suggest that the committed father nonetheless continue to write consistently and no less than once a month. A simple but powerful: ?I understand that you may not now want to respond, but you are very special and important to me. I will be here and available when you’re ready. In the meantime, I hope you won’t mind if I share some things with you ?? It may take months, or even years, but once the daughter feels secure in that she will not yet again be abandoned and hurt, she is likely to respond.
Once contact is established, fathers must tread carefully. Is the child six or 16? Fathers must communicate in an age-appropriate manner. On the other hand, fathers must take care to not speak down to their children but to communicate with them as young adults. The fact that one is the biological father does not confer an inherent right to be a parent when connecting after absence.
Upon initial contact, a daughter may express anger, bitterness and even hatred toward her father and others. The father may have excuses and reasons and further excuses to counter all such sentiments. Fathers should not argue. Her feelings are justified, even if misdirected. Remember, it’s all about her. Fathers must avoid using their daughters as tools to deal with their own issues and refrain from burdening their daughters with them.
It may be prudent, depending upon the circumstances, that a father not broach the subject of his absence and her feelings about it until some time after a recognizable relationship develops. Common sense and instincts should dictate here. I recommend a waiting for that point at which the daughter expresses a relaxed attitude in communicating. As for the daughter refusing to reciprocate, I recommend tactfully engaging the subject mindful of the suggestions herein
Accept responsibility and ask forgiveness. The father’s absence may not be his fault. He may have had no control over it and done his best to avoid it. These arguments may be valid. However, daughters do not need to hear their fathers? excuses for the absence. What they do need to hear is that it is not their fault. Acknowledge and validate her feelings. Accepting responsibility and gaining a daughter’s forgiveness is the first and greatest hurdle. The idea is for the daughter to know and believe that the absence is in no way her fault and that while she neither had nor has any control over it, she does have complete control over how she chooses to respond and deal with it. Remembering that children are individuals and respond differently, fathers should pay careful attention to their daughters? rejections and responses and adjust their approaches (and expectations) accordingly
Maintaining contact is equally if not more important than making contact in the first instance. For most prisoners, the fact of incarceration means the inability to be physically available. Nonetheless, incarcerated fathers can be emotionally available and paternal models. Avoid commitments and keep those promises that are necessarily made. Because prisoners have no control over the certainties of their own lives, they should avoid making any promises they may be unable to keep. Lockdowns, riots, transfers, obscure prison rules, etc., may mean breaking that promise to visit next weekend or to call at nine o’clock. To a daughter, these may sound like excuses and rehash any rejection and abandonment issues.
Many feminists downplay the role of fathers in child development while many males believe that the relationships between father and daughter is of less import than that between father and son. The research is overwhelming that both views are sorely misplaced. For example, most women will seek in a partner those qualities perceived in their fathers or father model. Modeling therefore plays a crucial role. Fathers set not only a parental example but also the standard against which the future partners in a daughter’s life are likely to be judged. Set that standard high.
Incarcerated fathers must perform a careful balancing act. They cannot be fathers in the physically paternal protective or corrective sense. They cannot set rules for their daughters or demand that they follow them. They cannot demand that their daughters engage in or refrain from some conduct. Whatever the relationship that develops, it must be understood in the context of the realities that confine it. A daughter who comes to lovingly respect her father as such will be responsive to his approval and guidance. That love, respect, and recognition is the goal.
A father’s words, mannerisms, and behavior will determine the level and type of respect his daughter has for him. He should be alert for opportunities to encourage her and to provide her with a sense of self-confidence. Daughters are beautiful, strong, smart, worthy of self-respect and of demanding respect from others, in addition to qualities peculiar to each child. They should hear it and hear it often. In actions and words, fathers must reinforce their daughters? best beliefs in themselves, their relationships and their worlds
Incarcerated fathers particularly must refrain from degrading those parents that are physically present in their daughters lives. There is likely to be in most cases a great deal of history and bad blood between an absent father and the present parents, particularly the mother. Repairing those relationships and befriending the present parent(s) has an additional advantage in that they may keep the absent father alert to problems the child is experiencing and offer other relevant information and advice. It is also best for children, especially younger children, to learn that separation and disagreement do not necessarily equal dysfunction. Moreover, how a father relates to others, particularly women, has a powerful impact on daughters and their expectations of men.
The father-daughter relationship is not easy to maintain, especially from prison, but is worth maintaining. There will be pitfalls, curves, and ups-and-downs. Each will at time misinterpret the other, disagree, and confront emotional conflicts. Those men with mommy-daddy issues of their own need to work them out on their own and not impress them upon their children. Before reconnecting with a daughter, fathers must ensure that they are themselves prepared.
A parent’s absence is a form of abuse, an unfair and unjustified deprivation visited upon the child. Our daughters need us and although incarcerated, we must make ourselves available in every way that we can and in the best ways that we can.

“The Empty Drum” is a certified therapist presently serving time in a Federal Penal Facility. It is his desire to share these thoughts

Saturday, December 11, 2010

'An American 'BEAN' War'

I come to all Americans with the nth amount of due respect & love for life. As the year 2010 winds down to a close I would like to share with some thoughts & make an appeal to your person. The year in American Politics has been chaotic & devastating for its citizenry & the image of the American Dream. We have watched helplessly & hopelessly as our country’s political realms have imploded within & our country’s infrastructure with it.

We’ve seen displays of ignorance & verbal assaults upon the citizenry by politicians who have removed themselves from the interest of those they represent. No class, race, economical status, religious or sexual orientation, political party beliefs or the constitution has been untouched. Politicians & the media have brow beaten the masses for the last decade with little fear of judgment or repercussions.

I’m disheartened by those within the media & political realms who thrive off & are rewarded for their vile spew. If you took one of these ‘elite’ ladder thugs of life & put them out on their proverbial azz on the street, they wouldn’t survive 72 hrs in the real American Struggle. With corporate power houses supporting their efforts & actions of self-serving ‘elitist’ agendas, they have no conscience & only answer to CEO’s.

I am making an appeal to all of those who are now suffering at the hands of our politicians & the corporations they have chosen to represent. To those who still believe in ‘OUR’ portrait of the American Dream. To the homeless, unemployed, those within impoverishment & the middle class, to those within life’s pyramid who still have a conscience & believe in humanity to join me in ‘An AMERICAN Bean War’.

When Poverty grips a nation or people’s, it does not discriminate, its victims do. Poverty knows no lines, boundaries or country borders. It doesn’t pay any heed to Race, Creed, Sex, Age or Mentality. If Mr. Beck thinks that there is no suffering within America, then he should be declared an ‘illegal alien’. Any commentator or politician who cannot see the condition of American citizens needs to take up offices at Disney World or Marvel Comics & take any future bimbos with them like Sarah Palin.

Ever since the ‘Great War’, capitalists & elitists have attached the word WAR to any cause they could financially benefit from & get the attention of the masses for support. We’ve had many WARS in this country that American citizens as a whole have not benefitted from. The War on Poverty, The War on Inflation, War on Drugs, everything has become a battle or WAR.

The greatest changed in the history of this country came through not a WAR,, but a peaceful movement. The Civil Rights Movement. It has been one of the few great changes in this country that elitists & capitalists couldn’t capitalize from. Taking all of this knowledge & wisdom into account I too have just used the word ‘WAR’ to get citizens to rally around a ‘peaceful’ message that we can send to politicians & the media realms. I’m tired of the media & politicians speaking for the impoverished & those still left within the middle class, who don’t know BEANS’ about our lives & struggle.

I would like to see all politicians on a State & Federal level who don’t know ‘BEANS’ about those they have chosen to represent sent the following ‘peaceful’ & ‘nutritious’ message. Everyone who is struggle & in fear of impoverishment themselves, should send a package of ‘BEANS’ to their political representatives. You may send them to politicians who do not have your interests or survival at heart. A package of dry beans: Navy, Pinto, Red, Kidney, Black, Black-eye peas, etc. with a note attached. The notes should send some of the following messages, “You don’t know BEANS about the American Struggle”, “You don’t know BEANS about me”, “You don’t know BEANS about being unemployed”, “You don’t know BEANS about being homeless”, “We will not work for BEANS”, “Our healthcare provider does not accept BEANS”, “We cannot make house payments & rent with BEANS’, “We cannot feed our children BEANS every day”, etc. etc.

Food & baked goods are sent thru the mail daily..if you don’t feel comfortable sending them to DC, send them to their offices in your own State & Districts. On the bag of BEANS please tape the receipt for the cost of BEANS, so few of them know the price of anything in the grocery stores. If you want to be very creative & generous also send the recipe for your favorite BEAN dish.

I wanted to run this by everyone presently in the American Struggle & see what your feelings are on this matter. Personally, I don’t like the word WAR, I also thought of The Bean Brigade, but like elitists, capitalists & politicians I pulled out their trump card with getting your attention by attaching the word WAR.

I thank all of you for your friendship, comments & moral support this year....
With Love & Respect,
Lady Gray

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Commitments Wisdom...Lady Gray

We must continually ask ourselves whether or not our actions and plans reflect our commitments to do all in our power to ensure our desires and Visions become a Reality….If not, those areas in which we are found to be lacking, need careful examination and a commitment to rid our lives of any and all barriers to our success.

“True character is a rider, seated firmly atop the shoulders of commitment. So when commitment falters, character is thrown.”

What does your character say about your commitments? What does your commitment say about your belief in the Vision?

It is true that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. What we must now consider is the destination. If we continue to attack our 21st Century problems with 20th Century answers and methods, we will no doubt continue on a road further and further away from the Vision within our hopes and dreams.

In short, if we continue to do what we’ve always done, we’ll continue to get what we’ve always received.
Stand firm my fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Struggle, through true dedication, determination and discipline, our future can be as close as the next horizon.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Laws Are The New Slave Master - Divine Pryor

"Baby The Rain Must Fall"--By: Lady Gray

‘Baby, The Rain Must Fall’...

I wish to dedicate this article to all of those who wish to ‘walk within the light of day’.... 
I’ve always been passionate about rain & stormy weather.  When your heart pounds..the blood courses through your veins to the symphony of Mother Nature lets you feel alive & at peace.  There’s something exciting about having your heart & blood pump, then being lulled into a state of peace & finally rest.  It’s almost like Life & Mother Nature are making love to us... I can see some of you scratching your heads. (smile) 
I love stormy weather,  the soft fall of rain that lulls me to sleep after Life makes love to me and shares some of its thoughts.  After all, that’s what that big clap is after every bolt of lightening..Life spitting out another thought.  Mind you, I do not like tornados, but I have been in a few hurricanes over the years...but I do like the way Life & Mother Nature has a way of taking care of all of us.
On my journey, I have come to the conclusion...that we are all ‘sharecroppers’ on this plane in life.  We truly can’t own a corner of the world...we are merely invited guests. (I see some of you shaking your head & saying Lady I own a piece of land, my own house. What you truly own is a lifetime lease with the government & the powers that be through taxation!)  We are asked to share & contribute to its overall upkeep and existence so that others may also know of Life & Mother Nature.  Mankind also is gifted with the same elements that bring Life strength & beauty. Just as the winds sweep the earth, the rains wash & bring strength, the sun productivity, the darkness does man reap the benefits of accepting Life’s invitation.
Life is a journey of growth & development, the gathering & creation of bricks, to leave something standing when we have come to the end of our travels.  But along the way, “Baby the rain must fall”.   Whether or not we opt to run from gathering clouds or experience the sustenance it has to offer is another matter! Sooner or later, you will not be able to out run the ‘storm’ nor have the strength to endure the path of destruction it has taken. 
I am a firm believer that ‘reverse psychology’ is the greatest tool within modern man’s arsenal! It is the ‘golden key’ to living & not merely ‘existing’, but it is not attained without ‘sacrifice of self’.  Just as the rain provides sustenance to man & the earth, leading to does the misery, pain & tears of man lead to ‘growth & advancement’ if he sees it as an endowment of strength from life.  
Many times we experience loss, pain & misery that tears our person in two...we become weak & withered...we want life just to leave us the hell alone!!! So we impose prisons, firewalls & force shields to protect us during our existence. We become miserable, beat up on our person or lash out at others outside of the comfort zone we have created for ourselves, for our lack of strength to embrace life again. Fear becomes our soul mate & life’s shadow...our character becomes stagnate. We know the sun exists but can’t feel it’s warmth, there’s too many clouds that hover above us, the sewer within our hearts has become too full.
“Baby the Rain must fall”...let your tears flow, cleanse your heart & person. Allow for new challenges, personal resolve & new chapters to be written within your life.  Do not allow life the satisfaction of destroying your whole book over the destruction of just one chapter or leg of your journey. Life gives as well as it knows all too well the tool of ‘compromise’, the feel of pain & destruction...the rewards of birth & growth.
Life’s rain provides us with the strength to break ‘old chains’ & tear asunder the self-imposed prisons we’ve created that deter our growth, advancement & journey. Get your strength today...slow down long enough for life to catch up to you...release the flood gates to your pain, misery & old scars to allow the sun to shine again down upon you.
Just a few thoughts....
With Love & Respect for Life itself....
Lady Gray

Thursday, November 4, 2010

'Mental Framework'..Reality Check....

I want to discuss with all of you something that my Guardian Angel (Will) & I have discussed.  I have always been a staunch believer in strength in numbers, collective knowledge & wisdom.  I have found it extremely sad that so much of our strength & unbudded talent has left the base of life's pyramid like sand in an hour glass.  Too many of our brightest stars & voices within the 'struggle' the last 35 yrs have been taken from us.  As we have erected prisons within our communities & neighborhoods by drawing lines, boundaries & 'hoods' we have become isolated from the total realization of our strength being drained.  Often we can see & relate to that which is in the box we only exist in. 

I have discussed this many times with 'Old Guard' locked away behind the walls of time concerning the defiance to change a style that destroys a Nation & Peoples'.  I have been told by the 'Guard' that it must be seen in 'reality' before it can be grasped.  As I said I have discussed this with BOS Will & we have come up with an idea I would like some help with.  Especially from the BOS who are on the same page as ourselves.  

It is difficult to preach to individuals in regards to violence who only see the toll in their community or city.  You take a couple hundred out of a couple of million & they figure it is an easy cross to bare.  I say to you, what value do you put on life?  You want to walk around with a shovel in your back pocket fine.  Let me know how it feels when you're on your way out & gone.  When life becomes chaotic & implodes, there is NO reset button, no matter how many quarters you put in that slot you're not going to get another ball.

I have decided to ask for help in creating a 'Neutral' Memorial page & eventual site.  Where the names of loved ones & friends, along with prayers for peace can be posted.  Regardless of Race, Creed, Nationality or Affiliation.  I would like to see thousands of names on the page...we will then expand it to a Natl site. I am hoping by doing this that individuals all across this country can see the impact that violence & vices are having on those within the base of Life's Pyramid.  

It is essential that individuals realize & see, that every person plays an integral part in the total scope of life.  We all have a reason, purpose & mission.  I totally believe that regardless of your beliefs & the colors you choose to fly, that All is ONE in the 'Struggle'.  The only thing that separates us is our concepts & the coping skills we implement to deal with the issues that plague us.  I want everyone to realize how many individuals have been taken from us before their time...I don't believe any of them signed up for combat duty.  

I would like a page designed with maybe a cross & one rose twining up the length of the cross or some other graphic appropriate for the loss of our fellow man & sisters.  I want everyone to put out the word once the page is launched that individuals who have lost someone to violence or the vices, can leave their name, date either say violence or vices & even a small bio.  Others can come & leave prayers.

I have a very slow old puter, I need help with this...I believe that this would not only be an olive branch to the hole, but also would help the present mental framework of many within the struggle who can't see the total picture or scope of life & the role they play.

If you would please leave comments & contact us, it would be greatly appreciated.  If you would care to help with this please let us know.

I thank you for your time, patience, love & respect,

ONE Race, ONE Struggle

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why is change so hard to Embrace?

I can answer this quite plain and’s called FEAR!!! As a whole we’ve become quite comfortable in the prisons that either we have personally built for ourselves or society has erected for us. They’ve become our ’comfort zones’, our ’island’, our ’chains’, our ’old school mental conditioning’ imposed on us by those within life’s capstone and the globalists.
It is called ’sacrifice of self’, commitment, strength in character and ’growth’ for the ’whole’ of a people and a Nation. It is difficult for the ’clueless’ and the ’misinformed’ to ’dream’ and have a ’vision’ when they look to the past and into the History books with so many ’unwritten legacies’ to gaze upon. More than anything, it’s lack of confidence, heart, will and desire to see ourselves as more than anything in the portraits which have been painted for us by those who prey and capitalize off from our decades of mental conditioning.
We see the ’paper chase’, the ’street games’, judicial incarceration as an obstacle course for us to embrace before we can be ’HUMAN’, advance and grow. If we made it out of the ’obstacle’ course alive, than we’re one lucky SOB and now we can search for the ability, knowledge, and wisdom to ’live and not merely exist’. It’s now our turn to live within the ’negative portraits’ and man made social prisons in peace with the hope that one day we too will find the journey which leads us into the kingdom of living.
FEAR!!! Is it little wonder that we spread fear and destroy our own with the ’Monster Seeds’ that have been planted by the Past, the Govt, Media and Hollywood? We’ve been so busy fighting each other and ourselves that we have not been able to discover the strength within the essence of our characters and the ’third-eye’ mentality of our advancement and wisdom?
The sad thing took us fifty years to destroy and build more prisons for ourselves...but it could all be turned around in less than ten years time. When I was asked to share life, knowledge and wisdom by those within the walls of time, I and they both knew that it would be more than an uphill climb to ’reverse’ the psychology and conditioning of the ’whole’ of the people. They too were once where many are today, except they’re living their lives out within the walls of time. They like myself felt, that those within the ’struggle’ today had the strength and power to move mountains, chains, bars, barriers, boxes, invisible boundaries and hoods like no other generation before us. But it’s all a matter of finding the strength, will and spirit to see the light of day and learning how to dream again in a positive light and fashion.
I thank you for honoring me and others here by inviting myself into your realm.....
I leave as I came with a great deal of love and respect for life, 
Lady Gray