Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life's True Royal Couple...

My perspective on Life's True Royal Couple.....

I come to all of those within the Human Race with the nth amount of due respect & love for life. It’s in the air, the smell of changing tides & times. Life’s royalty & first family are far too busy to sit on their thrones & twiddle their thumbs; they’re more than mere figure heads. They cannot concern themselves or clutter their existence with the chaos & search for supremacy among their residents & denizens. Their calendar is overcrowded, their land holdings massive, their responsibilities burdensome & yet, they seem to carry out their duties tirelessly & with a bottomless pit of passion & fervor.

Who am I speaking of? Do you really need to ask? Why of course the oldest, grandest, most spectacular & stupendous couple in the Universe…Father Time & Mother Nature!! It takes them a whole year to traverse the breadth of their kingdom…an endless journey with no recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records. Many try to thwart their tasks & advance…failing to acknowledge that some powers are simply unattainable by man. This fact seems to add amusement & mirth to the private trysts of the royal couple.

As the year progresses & the seasons come & go, I am reminded of their presence & power. Regardless if you live within a plush valley, waving plain, rocky terrain or a shifting desert, their royal appearances touch all within. It seems that only humans allow ‘color’ to divide their numbers & rule their existence for Mother Nature lives a very colorful life indeed. She accompanies the passage of time on their journey with a pallet of many colors. I enjoy the down to earth artistry she displays on her ‘autumn stroll’. Fiery reds, browns, gold & orange with the scent of musk, all a product of her labor & homage to life. She seems to find strength & pride from her task of redecorating…never allowing herself to tire of her position or purpose in life. The majority of her residents & denizens seem to enjoy the fruits of her labor giving her the much needed energy to continue her journey.

Father Time seems to have an abundance of ‘unconditional love’ for his ‘life’ partner. He tolerates her artistry & mood swings, even created a day when they could celebrate privately their reign & accomplishments…the day is Feb. 29th, mankind knows it as ‘leap year’. He would never think of abandoning or divorcing his life partner, due to her spontaneity & intriguing character he has nothing but love, respect & loyalty for his mate. He never tires of the ‘wrapping on the package’ for her image has never embraced a point of stagnation.

Like any ‘union’ in life, the royal couple has seen their share of struggles, trials & tribulations…but unlike the majority of ‘unions’ at this point in time, they fail to put a ‘monetary value’ on their self-worth in character & existence. They’ve learned to go ‘with the flow’, ‘roll with the punches’, ‘take it on the chin’, see their chalices as ‘half full, instead of half empty’. They do not see themselves as the most powerful or richest couple in the Universe, but are humble with their apologies for receiving numerous free gifts from life itself.

The royal couple has been vigilant within their kingdom in regards to educating their residents & denizens. They shudder at the thought of residing for any length of time in their own castle which was gifted to them by life itself. They have no desire to isolate or be out of touch with the beings in their kingdom, to appear as ‘unapproachable’. They have not found the need to embrace materialism on a monetary level to feel like royalty or appear regal. Their union to many seems ancient & passé, but every day of their existence they have perceived it as the first day…new, fresh & challenging. They’re not worldly travelers, but royal universal hobos.

For now, the royal couple has no plans to retire or relinquish their titles or purpose in life. As long as they have the will, desire & strength to continue their never ending journey, they will do so gratefully. Perhaps if Father Time finds a man or woman worthy of his wait or Mother Nature’s heart bursts from overwhelming appreciation for her talents…they will depart gracefully into the sunset.

I leave you as I came with the nth amount of love & respect for life itself,
Lady Gray