Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Baby The Rain Must Fall"--By: Lady Gray

‘Baby, The Rain Must Fall’...

I wish to dedicate this article to all of those who wish to ‘walk within the light of day’.... 
I’ve always been passionate about rain & stormy weather.  When your heart pounds..the blood courses through your veins to the symphony of Mother Nature lets you feel alive & at peace.  There’s something exciting about having your heart & blood pump, then being lulled into a state of peace & finally rest.  It’s almost like Life & Mother Nature are making love to us... I can see some of you scratching your heads. (smile) 
I love stormy weather,  the soft fall of rain that lulls me to sleep after Life makes love to me and shares some of its thoughts.  After all, that’s what that big clap is after every bolt of lightening..Life spitting out another thought.  Mind you, I do not like tornados, but I have been in a few hurricanes over the years...but I do like the way Life & Mother Nature has a way of taking care of all of us.
On my journey, I have come to the conclusion...that we are all ‘sharecroppers’ on this plane in life.  We truly can’t own a corner of the world...we are merely invited guests. (I see some of you shaking your head & saying Lady I own a piece of land, my own house. What you truly own is a lifetime lease with the government & the powers that be through taxation!)  We are asked to share & contribute to its overall upkeep and existence so that others may also know of Life & Mother Nature.  Mankind also is gifted with the same elements that bring Life strength & beauty. Just as the winds sweep the earth, the rains wash & bring strength, the sun productivity, the darkness does man reap the benefits of accepting Life’s invitation.
Life is a journey of growth & development, the gathering & creation of bricks, to leave something standing when we have come to the end of our travels.  But along the way, “Baby the rain must fall”.   Whether or not we opt to run from gathering clouds or experience the sustenance it has to offer is another matter! Sooner or later, you will not be able to out run the ‘storm’ nor have the strength to endure the path of destruction it has taken. 
I am a firm believer that ‘reverse psychology’ is the greatest tool within modern man’s arsenal! It is the ‘golden key’ to living & not merely ‘existing’, but it is not attained without ‘sacrifice of self’.  Just as the rain provides sustenance to man & the earth, leading to does the misery, pain & tears of man lead to ‘growth & advancement’ if he sees it as an endowment of strength from life.  
Many times we experience loss, pain & misery that tears our person in two...we become weak & withered...we want life just to leave us the hell alone!!! So we impose prisons, firewalls & force shields to protect us during our existence. We become miserable, beat up on our person or lash out at others outside of the comfort zone we have created for ourselves, for our lack of strength to embrace life again. Fear becomes our soul mate & life’s shadow...our character becomes stagnate. We know the sun exists but can’t feel it’s warmth, there’s too many clouds that hover above us, the sewer within our hearts has become too full.
“Baby the Rain must fall”...let your tears flow, cleanse your heart & person. Allow for new challenges, personal resolve & new chapters to be written within your life.  Do not allow life the satisfaction of destroying your whole book over the destruction of just one chapter or leg of your journey. Life gives as well as it knows all too well the tool of ‘compromise’, the feel of pain & destruction...the rewards of birth & growth.
Life’s rain provides us with the strength to break ‘old chains’ & tear asunder the self-imposed prisons we’ve created that deter our growth, advancement & journey. Get your strength today...slow down long enough for life to catch up to you...release the flood gates to your pain, misery & old scars to allow the sun to shine again down upon you.
Just a few thoughts....
With Love & Respect for Life itself....
Lady Gray

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