Thursday, June 27, 2013

Life's Prisons....

‘Master Builders’

I come to all of those within life’s struggle with the nth amount of due respect & love for life. As the present recession & recovery phases of our existence play ping-pong & tiddley-winks with our daily lives, I wish to share with you a few thoughts. We have entered an age of opportunities, but if we become too comfortable in one chapter of our book from our life’s journey, our book will not be published to become part of our legacy. The true essence of life’s character is simplistic. Life does not have to create road blocks to deter us on our journey in life, for we have all become ‘master builders’ of our own prisons.

For decades, the impoverished and the disenfranchised in America have fallen prey to the social “Boogey Man.”  There are many forms of imprisonment within the social realms of survival that deter the advancement of man, all of them created and erected by man himself.

First, there are penal facilities, where society’s judgments have placed those who have erred or committed criminal acts, to make their atonement.

Then we have those who are products of their imprisoning environments:  racial, social, economic, industrial and educational.

The oldest prison known to man, however, over which he has no control, is the imprisonment of the mind, whether it is by birth, demented captivity, or social conditioning with the elements of the intellect and environment.

There is not an individual living who does not suffer or is not touched by some form of imprisonment in some aspect or dimension in life.

The key to these prisons is finding comfort within one of the prisons constructed by man long enough to overcome the hurdles and barricades placed before us, so that we may find the true essence in Life which we individually seek.

As in civilizations and cultures through time, the will and spirit to survive, overcome and flourish, become a driving force, making each one of us stand strong, our thoughts and voices reverberating our dreams and our desire to live.  We unite and awaken our knowledge, wisdom, and spirit to overcome the evildoers, the power mongers, the suppressers, and those who would oppress us from proceeding on our life’s journey in peace and harmony.

“If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.”  It is my hope that, with collective wisdom and knowledge, we may bring some modicum of understanding between those who are judged and the rest of society, that we may find answers to the issues which plague us and find a porthole through which to apply those answers.

At the moment, our issues are numerous and grow daily:  justice; politics; overcrowding within our penal system and its violence; senior citizens and their many benefit cuts; education and the struggle for knowledge; police brutality, crime and corruption; poverty; and the negativity which encompasses our lives on a daily basis.  Of course, one of our prime issues is a broken judicial system, which seems to interpret its own laws at will, using a double standard:  one standard for the Haves and the other for the Have-Nots.  As of late, the most heinous crimes in America are being committed by people who have licenses to do so, or who hold elective office, enabling them to carry out their self-serving agendas at will.

Lines, barriers, boundaries, borders, comfort zones & boxes are all self-imposed prisons created by man. The size of the prison we’ve created for our self is representative of the amount of fear we host in our souls & daily existence. If we do not reach through the bars of our prisons, step beyond the walls we’ve erected to whittle down our fears & advance our life with growth, man will continue to be his own worst enemy & become a victim of his own fears & ‘small world’ he has created.

Tear down the walls which protect the issues which deter man’s growth & quality of life. Politicians today have become the ‘foreman’s’ for the construction crews of our social prisons…’If they’re not going to be part of the solution, part of our growth in life’ then they’re going to continue to be a problem…then vote them down, remove them from the equation. As a people, we do not need any assistance from our politicians with the disintegration of our society; we can do badly all by ourselves.  

The walls which protect our many fears must be removed, a brick, a word, a gesture, an action at a time…but they must come down so our fears maybe decreased to a state of ‘caution & wariness’ instead of fear & terror all of the time.

I leave you as I came with a great deal of love & respect,
Lady Gray