Thursday, November 4, 2010

'Mental Framework'..Reality Check....

I want to discuss with all of you something that my Guardian Angel (Will) & I have discussed.  I have always been a staunch believer in strength in numbers, collective knowledge & wisdom.  I have found it extremely sad that so much of our strength & unbudded talent has left the base of life's pyramid like sand in an hour glass.  Too many of our brightest stars & voices within the 'struggle' the last 35 yrs have been taken from us.  As we have erected prisons within our communities & neighborhoods by drawing lines, boundaries & 'hoods' we have become isolated from the total realization of our strength being drained.  Often we can see & relate to that which is in the box we only exist in. 

I have discussed this many times with 'Old Guard' locked away behind the walls of time concerning the defiance to change a style that destroys a Nation & Peoples'.  I have been told by the 'Guard' that it must be seen in 'reality' before it can be grasped.  As I said I have discussed this with BOS Will & we have come up with an idea I would like some help with.  Especially from the BOS who are on the same page as ourselves.  

It is difficult to preach to individuals in regards to violence who only see the toll in their community or city.  You take a couple hundred out of a couple of million & they figure it is an easy cross to bare.  I say to you, what value do you put on life?  You want to walk around with a shovel in your back pocket fine.  Let me know how it feels when you're on your way out & gone.  When life becomes chaotic & implodes, there is NO reset button, no matter how many quarters you put in that slot you're not going to get another ball.

I have decided to ask for help in creating a 'Neutral' Memorial page & eventual site.  Where the names of loved ones & friends, along with prayers for peace can be posted.  Regardless of Race, Creed, Nationality or Affiliation.  I would like to see thousands of names on the page...we will then expand it to a Natl site. I am hoping by doing this that individuals all across this country can see the impact that violence & vices are having on those within the base of Life's Pyramid.  

It is essential that individuals realize & see, that every person plays an integral part in the total scope of life.  We all have a reason, purpose & mission.  I totally believe that regardless of your beliefs & the colors you choose to fly, that All is ONE in the 'Struggle'.  The only thing that separates us is our concepts & the coping skills we implement to deal with the issues that plague us.  I want everyone to realize how many individuals have been taken from us before their time...I don't believe any of them signed up for combat duty.  

I would like a page designed with maybe a cross & one rose twining up the length of the cross or some other graphic appropriate for the loss of our fellow man & sisters.  I want everyone to put out the word once the page is launched that individuals who have lost someone to violence or the vices, can leave their name, date either say violence or vices & even a small bio.  Others can come & leave prayers.

I have a very slow old puter, I need help with this...I believe that this would not only be an olive branch to the hole, but also would help the present mental framework of many within the struggle who can't see the total picture or scope of life & the role they play.

If you would please leave comments & contact us, it would be greatly appreciated.  If you would care to help with this please let us know.

I thank you for your time, patience, love & respect,

ONE Race, ONE Struggle

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