Saturday, December 11, 2010

'An American 'BEAN' War'

I come to all Americans with the nth amount of due respect & love for life. As the year 2010 winds down to a close I would like to share with some thoughts & make an appeal to your person. The year in American Politics has been chaotic & devastating for its citizenry & the image of the American Dream. We have watched helplessly & hopelessly as our country’s political realms have imploded within & our country’s infrastructure with it.

We’ve seen displays of ignorance & verbal assaults upon the citizenry by politicians who have removed themselves from the interest of those they represent. No class, race, economical status, religious or sexual orientation, political party beliefs or the constitution has been untouched. Politicians & the media have brow beaten the masses for the last decade with little fear of judgment or repercussions.

I’m disheartened by those within the media & political realms who thrive off & are rewarded for their vile spew. If you took one of these ‘elite’ ladder thugs of life & put them out on their proverbial azz on the street, they wouldn’t survive 72 hrs in the real American Struggle. With corporate power houses supporting their efforts & actions of self-serving ‘elitist’ agendas, they have no conscience & only answer to CEO’s.

I am making an appeal to all of those who are now suffering at the hands of our politicians & the corporations they have chosen to represent. To those who still believe in ‘OUR’ portrait of the American Dream. To the homeless, unemployed, those within impoverishment & the middle class, to those within life’s pyramid who still have a conscience & believe in humanity to join me in ‘An AMERICAN Bean War’.

When Poverty grips a nation or people’s, it does not discriminate, its victims do. Poverty knows no lines, boundaries or country borders. It doesn’t pay any heed to Race, Creed, Sex, Age or Mentality. If Mr. Beck thinks that there is no suffering within America, then he should be declared an ‘illegal alien’. Any commentator or politician who cannot see the condition of American citizens needs to take up offices at Disney World or Marvel Comics & take any future bimbos with them like Sarah Palin.

Ever since the ‘Great War’, capitalists & elitists have attached the word WAR to any cause they could financially benefit from & get the attention of the masses for support. We’ve had many WARS in this country that American citizens as a whole have not benefitted from. The War on Poverty, The War on Inflation, War on Drugs, everything has become a battle or WAR.

The greatest changed in the history of this country came through not a WAR,, but a peaceful movement. The Civil Rights Movement. It has been one of the few great changes in this country that elitists & capitalists couldn’t capitalize from. Taking all of this knowledge & wisdom into account I too have just used the word ‘WAR’ to get citizens to rally around a ‘peaceful’ message that we can send to politicians & the media realms. I’m tired of the media & politicians speaking for the impoverished & those still left within the middle class, who don’t know BEANS’ about our lives & struggle.

I would like to see all politicians on a State & Federal level who don’t know ‘BEANS’ about those they have chosen to represent sent the following ‘peaceful’ & ‘nutritious’ message. Everyone who is struggle & in fear of impoverishment themselves, should send a package of ‘BEANS’ to their political representatives. You may send them to politicians who do not have your interests or survival at heart. A package of dry beans: Navy, Pinto, Red, Kidney, Black, Black-eye peas, etc. with a note attached. The notes should send some of the following messages, “You don’t know BEANS about the American Struggle”, “You don’t know BEANS about me”, “You don’t know BEANS about being unemployed”, “You don’t know BEANS about being homeless”, “We will not work for BEANS”, “Our healthcare provider does not accept BEANS”, “We cannot make house payments & rent with BEANS’, “We cannot feed our children BEANS every day”, etc. etc.

Food & baked goods are sent thru the mail daily..if you don’t feel comfortable sending them to DC, send them to their offices in your own State & Districts. On the bag of BEANS please tape the receipt for the cost of BEANS, so few of them know the price of anything in the grocery stores. If you want to be very creative & generous also send the recipe for your favorite BEAN dish.

I wanted to run this by everyone presently in the American Struggle & see what your feelings are on this matter. Personally, I don’t like the word WAR, I also thought of The Bean Brigade, but like elitists, capitalists & politicians I pulled out their trump card with getting your attention by attaching the word WAR.

I thank all of you for your friendship, comments & moral support this year....
With Love & Respect,
Lady Gray

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