Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Profiling Political Thuggism"..Lady Gray

Hmmmm.....Lady Gray here.  Well, I have tried to spread knowledge and
the mentality of those on the hill.  Nothing that the social masses
hasn't known for some time, just things they often put on the back
burners though to simmer and forget about until the pot is ready to
boileth over.

Let the shit hit the fan!  I've discussed this phrase over the years
with some of the men incarcerated, a phrase of darkness often used with
judicial proportions and ramifications.

I never worry about shit hitting the fan myself, it really doesn't
spread very far, of course that depends on the size of the fan and wind
velocity.  What I worry about more is shit on the street...everyone
walks in it and it travels far, much harder to clean up....from a
social and political view, ha ask the boys on the hill about that one.
Top dogs within street orgz are no different than the men we have on
ladders in the political realms of the government other
words if the "thug" shoe fits then wear it.

Always remember that a man who rules with fear and without compassion
will have a short tenure and destructive legacy.  They often sit and
lay with cronies of the same mentality on their porches.  The problem
is they use puppies to do their bidding, underlings who have them under
their thumbs and rely on them for survival.  But when puppies get
scared they start to whine and yelp, if they do it long and loud enough
sooner or later someones going to hear them.

In regards to dissension....this isn't an issue about races, not if one
uses logic and wisdom, it's about the elements of survival. It's about
the impoverished, the disenfranchised, the down trodden and the
disheartened.  It's about the will within an individual to write his
own legacy over time, to change, to excel, to move life in a positive
and productive direction to leave something standing for tomorrow.

We were once the number one industrial nation in the world, we're now
ranked number five...our monetary system was once one of the strongest
in the world, now we have all we can do just to dog paddle and keep our
heads above our brothers to the south and I'm not talking about the
Bushies in TX either.  This is about the masses struggling now to
merely exist, remembering what it was like to live and having the
wisdom to know the difference between the two.  The problem is our
numbers are swelling and now we want to be counted and heard by the
chosen few who live.

In regards to dissension and aggressive positivity through
demonstration, I want everyone to remember the PLO, IRA, etc. knowledge
of one's plight is often over looked by the social masses when there is
violence, they often only see portraits of destruction and not the pain
or strife that painted them.  Thus my staunch beliefs in strength in
numbers and collective wisdom and knowledge to excel life in positive
growth and development.

I only ask people to remember that a dog or thug who rules in fear,
often casts a shadow that he himself can no longer outrun or live with.
When that happens you have a scared and dangerous animal on your
hands, one whose often lonely and becomes can always
tell he's an element in the social structure of life that's ready to go
down because you can see him biting and chewing on his own ass........

Two negatives don't make a positive, and when a dog gets too many fleas
he can't enjoy life because he's too busy scratching!!!!
I leave as I came with a great deal of love and respect for life.
Lady Gray/bossladyjmc

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