Monday, July 15, 2013

The Verdict....

For too many decades, Americans have ignored the injustices within our judiciary & penal realms when it comes to adults & the New Jim Crow. We will no longer tolerate those same injustices visiting our youth or the mentality it generates. In all good conscience we cannot allow it to continue. The verdict in the murder of Trayvon Martin has taken the pot of injustice off the back burner & added salt to the wounds of those who have fallen prey to a broken justice system.

I have to question the character of the jurors…  man sits in front of them & openly admits that he has killed one of our youth. Unlike the jurors I was not concerned about whose voice was heard on the tape screaming for his life. There were too many other factors that raised the small hairs on my neck. ‘These people always get away!’ Which people Mr. Z-nut? There was only Trayvon, a lone Black teenager. Anyone who is active in Neighborhood Watch knows what ‘watch’ means. When you called 911 an officer answered your call. You were informed that officers were being dispatched & you were directed to wait for those officers to arrive. However, you disobeyed that directive, after all those officers may not have carried out the momentary agenda you had embraced at that time…they may have told him to go on his way. He was not out after curfew, it was not late at night. You had every intention of invading Trayvon’s personal space & comfort zone.

You followed Trayvon & exited your vehicle. Every day across this Nation women & children know all too well the fear that visits a person when they are followed, especially at night…when few people are in the vicinity. The ego of a judge & jury, a wanna-be cop confronted Trayvon. Your reputation of being a rough shod over young Black youth preceded you & when you approached Trayvon in a threatening manner, he reacted like any individual who had become prey. You shot him recognizing that you were losing control of not only the struggle, but your mission. After all, the law in Fla would protect you.

For over a year, your actions of that night have embedded ‘fear’ into the minds & hearts of youth & parents across this Nation. The verdict which was handed down has empowered your ego & those of your ilk who wield their own interpretation of justice. Now, despite the fact that you’ve had mental health issues in the past & trouble with anger management, cases that were buried due to the position your parents have held in the past. It is difficult for me to comprehend why the State of Fla would return your weapon in good conscience back to you. You Mr. Z-nut should be the image on posters for mental health background checks concerning new provisions for gun control. Personally, I do not want to live in a community where you reside or the State.

The only justice that has so far been dealt out of this travesty of injustice, is that your aspirations of a police officer anywhere in the US no longer exists for you to wield your power & sic justice. Threats of death & harm have fallen not only on the victim’s family, but the predator. Now you fear for your life…yet, nobody has entered your personal space or comfort zone to confront you for your actions. Individuals have a tendency to shy away from an animal when they know that it is rabid in fear that the same incubated disease will visit their person. Mr. Z-nut…the greatest thing you have to fear, is fear itself…the shadows & monsters of your own creation…the blood & nightmare that you’ll never be able to wash from your hands & sleep.

I hope that Trayvon’s murder will not be for naught…that justice & new stipulations for the Stand Your Ground Law will continue to be pursued.  I am grateful for the protests & their peaceful demeanor around our Nation. The greatest changes within our Nation have always come from a peaceful movement. There is still hope that a further justice process on the Federal level will proceed in the matter of Trayvon’s murder.  Changes undoubtedly will occur, not because your self-serving agenda was carried out…but because one of our youth was taken from us too soon in such an evil, insane, animalistic way before he could reach all that he aspired to be. Trayvon did not have an arrest record…but you did Mr. Z-nut. Always remember that what goes around comes around….usually tenfold..

Lady Gray

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