Wednesday, January 15, 2014

'Blueprints' & Traditions...The Rise of a Nation

I come to all of those within Life’s Struggle with the nth amount of due respect & love for Life. For over a decade now I have been addressing blue prints, concepts, strength in numbers along with collective knowledge & growth. Change is not always easily embraced due to Fears which we harbor as humans, we often become too comfortable within our prisons & seeing the stumbling blocks which deter our daily progress & growth. We either have to physically hold or observe the product of change before we are willing to take a leap into unchartered waters to break the chains which hold us in bondage.

‘Take the knowledge of today & apply it to the ‘wisdom & growth’ of yesterday….I have always been fascinated with periods in American History where progress & unprecedented growth have taken place. The blueprints, concepts & foundation of society during these times which contributed to these spurts. It was during these periods that colorful & powerful portraits were painted of the United States.

In order to find solutions to some of the struggles we face in modern times, we must look into yesterday & the survival of those who have come before us. ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same’. In a society where we look for rapid satisfaction & momentary gratification the benefits of ‘time’ elude our thought process. Outside of a catastrophic event of nature or health, we must realize that we have not come to this point in life overnight. For the majority of humans our journey is as old as time itself.

The U.S. is often referred to as the ‘melting pot of the World’, yet many countries, nations & continents throughout the course of the World’s History have seen an integration of peoples, knowledge & growth. In the past we have been known for being more receptive during certain periods within chapters of our history to such integration & migration. Due to these chapters of ‘receptive integration & migration’ our Nation was able to rise to the level of a ‘power house’ with ‘strength in numbers & collective knowledge & wisdom’.

‘Teach one, pull one up’….How did those who came before us survive without a ‘safety net’…welfare, food stamps, housing & education opportunities? Life’s Struggles to exist have increased for many individuals & families today as the monetary & economic gap widen. Out of our dark time, if we look into the past we will see a ray of light. I have found an example of that light which can bring a spurt of growth once more for those who dream of living.

I recently purchased a movie which chronicles members of a family who migrated to the US with a ‘blueprint’ & perseverance in their hearts.  The epitome of just one blueprint which contributed to the foundation of a Nation. The name of the movie is ‘Avalon’ & I highly recommend it to all of those within the struggle. Their blueprint of ideologies, concepts & traditions is not only profound, but successful. Not everything is rosy however when individual family members begin to deter from the original agendas.

Over the last decade families & their members often find themselves once again living under the same roof. In a majority of these cases, it has strengthened their bond & foundation. In some instances you may find several generations under one roof beneficial to their existence & survival. College students, newlyweds & those recently divorced coming back to the nest to roost. In some cases it is beneficial for the more mature adults & elderly members of the family, enabling them to maintain & retain their own residence. ‘The family that plays together, stays together’ is very fitting for those within poverty & who struggle today.

The ideology of having more than one generation in the nest, is as old as mankind. The survival & legacy of the family was created by the co-operation & contribution of all its members. Individuals were able to contribute to the survival of all while stacking funds for their own pursuits. Those coming into adulthood & of marriage age were encouraged to save for their future education, house, possible family & business. Often businesses were not the sole ownership of one, but of several with a dream who pooled their resources. Family members were brought into the business for employment. What amazed me about the family in Avalon was while the ‘generations’ lived under one roof they were still concerned & able to make donations to neighborhood & community charities. They concerned themselves with the ‘strengthening’ of the family, by ‘bringing one over & pulling them up’.

With the deviation of a ‘blueprint’s’ original intention, whether it is the erection of a building, the legacy of a family or the strengthening of a community, you will see the weaknesses of endangerment & deterioration. You might consider adding another project on to the blueprint, but when you keep deleting portions of the original intent, purpose & goal, you will be hard pressed to leave anything standing at the end of your journey.

For my older followers & readers, ‘Avalon’ will bring back fond memories of those whom have walked before us. A time when the daily struggles meant pride, family, hope & a better future. The antics of the children & the fear of change in the elderly over technological advances will bring a smile to your lips. A time when children encouraged & clamored around their elders to hear of their journey & experiences. Everyone had a role, purpose & reason which kept the foundation strong. The respect, appreciation & wonder given to a Nation by individuals who were given the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Before we can change the future & pursue solutions to the issues we face today, I feel that we must look into yesterday to see just how far we’ve come so we know how far yet we have to travel.

I truly hope that you will search for & view the movie Avalon…stick with it & pay attention to the family’s foundation & their original blueprint & traditions. Wisdom & change cannot be attained if the knowledge we possess is not implemented with commitment & perseverance. I would like to thank you for your presence & patience as I share my words with you. All of the family members in this movie are real, they did exist & so did their blueprint. This blueprint was followed by many who fled oppression & suppression in their motherland, who chose the path for a better tomorrow & a chance to follow their dreams.

I leave you as I came with the nth amount of due respect & love for life….Lady Gray

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