Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lady on the Mid-East Upheavals...

Lady on the Mid-East upheavals…

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force him to drink even if he is dying of thirst. A large region in the World steeped deeply in the struggle, sacrifices & journey of mankind once again is experiencing the shifting of landscape & political power upheavals. A barren region for the most part given life by man through his strength & sheer will power. I once was told that no man, clan, tribe or people should control an ‘oasis’ or the will of a people. The dates, water & cool shade should be shared by all for it is essential to the survival of the regions heritage. Too many have known very little but pain, suffering & the destruction of War, yet they fervently believe in a time of peace to come. There is much wealth that lies beneath the shifting sands; some of it has come through the creation of irrigation systems by man. There has been too much wailing by women & children, too much war which only leaves images of destruction of legacies for the history books. 

Too many children ‘exist without dreams of living’ because they have never known peace. Prosperity for all people cannot exist if it does not have peace for a period of growth & if all people do not have a hand in the creation, fertilization & maintenance of growth to benefit from its fruition. It is time to break bread & enjoy cabsah with neighbors, to smile & talk of a future which will leave joyous chapters in the history books for children to behold. Lady Gray

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